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Microtiter Dual Plate Rack

Microtiter Dual Plate Rack

These racks take the place of [2] sample racks on the Autosampler. They are designed to support the use of any [2] of the following: 96 sample microtiter plates, custom 48 Sample Microcentrifuge Racks (414148), or 24 sample microtiter plates.

Other Optional Autosampler Accessories

    48 Sample Microcentrifuge Rack (414148) - This custom rack supports the use of Low Dead Volume Microcentrifuge Tubes (A02312) and standard microcentrifuge tubes to minimize dead volume.
    Low Dead Volume Microcentrifuge Tubes (A02312) - These tubes can be used in conjunction with the 48 Sample Microcentrifuge Rack (414148) to reduce the amount of dead volume needed for a typical experiment. The dead volume can be reduced to as low as 10 μL. For more information see Tech Note 206 Minimum Sample Volumes.
    EZ-Perce Sealing Films (A04030) - These films can be used to minimize evaporation of small volume samples in microtiter plates or microcentrifuge tubes during long incubation times.
    X-Pierce Piercaeable Sealing Films (A04035) - These films are designed with a cross cut to allow entry of the sipper tube during sensitive experiments that require the samples to remain covered.


(H x W x D cm)
3.8 x 25.4 x 18 
1.4 kg (3.1 lbs) 
Supported Racks 
Any combination of 2 racks
48 Sample Microcentrifuge Rack
96 sample microtiter plates
24 sample microtiter plates


 KinExA 3200 & Autosampler